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Resumes are your faceless first impression. Our writers understand the importance of developing a stand-out resume. Our Professional Resumes are industry tailored, keyword optimized, and are compatible with the applicant tracking system. We personalize your resume allowing it to reflect your experiences. 

Cover Letters

Aside from the resume, the cover letter is the most important document to submit when seeking new opportunities. The cover letter persuades hiring professionals to take a deeper look at your application by referring to your resume. Our cover letters are persuasive and direct. They prompt hiring professionals to examine your resume and schedule your interview. 

Resume Reviews

Our resume reviews are comprehensive. Each review provides applicants with detailed, written, feedback to help them improve their career documents with regard to industry standards. Clients will receive a review of their resume broken down by section. 

Resume Editing

Our 1-Hour Resume edits provide clients with a polished resume free from grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies. We revamp your resume to: place emphasis on your qualifications, stand-out against other applicant’s resumes, and speak to your level of experience.

Thank You Letters

After interviewing for a position, it is expected that if you truly want the job, you send a thank you letter. Our thank you letters express sincere gratitude while managing to again highlight your strong points as an applicant. Leave a lasting impression even after your interview with an expert written thank you letter.

Customization Training

Resume customization training is included in our elite package. In this 1-hour training session, clients will become familiar with proper formatting, finding and adding keywords, and tailoring their resume to specific job posts.

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The first section of your resume that is often read by hiring professionals is the career summary. Our professional resumes highlight your professional qualifications and invite hiring professionals to continue reviewing your resume and schedule your interview.

The applicant tracking system looks for certain job-related skills to be placed throughout your resumes 2-3 times. Our writers are experts at placing these keywords, making them easily recognizable to help secure your place within the eligible pool of applicants.

Instead of solely listing your duties, our writers highlight metrics in your resume, such as dollar amounts and percentages, to draw immediate attention to these numbers, which are proof of your skillset. 

Cover Letters

Cover letters are just as important as the resumes they accompany. When ordering a resume and cover letter, our writers make sure to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing, matching format for both documents.

As you apply for jobs, you will find that each description is slightly different. We create customizable cover letters that allow you to tailor the document to each position. 

Each cover letter that we write is unique and reflects the client’s sentiments. Hiring professionals can spot inauthentic jargon quickly. Our writers develop clear and concise cover letters focused on originality, the client’s passion for the position, and their unique qualifications.